Hi there,

I’m not sure how you stumbled upon my page. Maybe you were searching on how to lose weight or read about me in some article somewhere. Maybe you even got a link from a friend. I sincerely don’t care and it doesn’t matter.

What is important here is that you are looking for a solution, a right solution for a very common problem of losing weight, and that is the first step towards the new you. And let me tell you one important thing, this is the most useful page on the Internet you will ever find about losing weight and reaching your ideal look. This is something I know for sure.

I’m going to help you learn how :

- A 53 year old actress is looking like she is in her 30’s.

- How a 36 years old stressed, overworked businessman succeeded in losing 25 pounds of that ugly belly fat in 8 weeks!

- A twenty something college girl finally got the super sexy bum and abs and lost the stubborn fat “pockets” on her body.

My name is Steve, and I’m a professional nutritionist and a health food cook. If you are interested to know how to have a rockin’ body like Hollywood stars, there’s no need to search further.
I’m here to help.

I’m the person who created hundreds of diet plans, programs and workouts for thousands of lifestyles, situations and deadlines. These were all ordered by A list celebs, actors, models, and movie stars and I’ve seen it all and heard it all, and that’s the reason why you can trust me.

Was it a “I-have-to-lose-20 pounds-in-2-months-for-a-movie-role” or “I-need-a-Sparta-like-look-for-next-week” my job was to find a way to do it and make it happen, no matter what. I’m talking about 20 years of experience in body shaping and healthy dieting.

I bet that you hate and envy all those celebs and the way they get slim so fast every time for a new movie role or a premiere.
You are probably blaming it all on their perfect genetics and personal trainers.
Especially, because they do it so easy!

But now you can also do it!
You will learn about a super easy method that gives you the step by step guide that will put an end on the stress, and fire up your
organism. It will wake up your weight loss potential to shed
the fat off your belly, make your abs rock hard and
bum smaller and perkier.

All of this is going to make your self esteem sky rocket and will also make EVERYBODY start checking you out again! You’re so damn lucky that you will discover this super effective weight loss program right here on this web page today. Read on...

You’re probably saying to yourself…’’But I’ve already tried using every possible home training equipment, body workout program, all known fad diets and miracle fat loss schemes, slimming pills,magic supplement powders you've seen on the pages of the glossies and all of the boring cardio routines...

And yet, despite all of your efforts, you STILL have soft flabby bum with extra belly fat hanging out there covering up that six-pack that you desperately want. I feel your pain and I know you have lost all the belief that you will ever have that body from your dreams. Nobody is making you do anything about it. So feel free to leave this website right now.

But realize that you'll only continue to be frustrated with
your flabby body parts for the rest of your life and you’re
gonna be the ONLY ONE to blame.

On the other hand, if you want to discover the true secrets for super slim and lean, sexy body, hard rockin’ abs and perky bum, then you have landed on the right website. Keep reading and you'll soon discover what you've been doing wrong all these years...

Ladies and gents if you’re still with me I have to tell you one important thing before we start. You can immediately forget about all the magic pills and incredible wonder shakes, miracle 7-day-lose-it-all diets or herbal teas that promise to give you a perfect figure. And how about those ab machines, muscle 5000 belts or gadgets?
FORGET IT. It won’t work.
It’s fake and useless.

* The TRUTH #1 : Only thing you will ever lose is excess water and a pound of fat maybe, that you will regain back as soon as you reach for the first bag of chips. Not to mention all the willpower and persistence that will disappear into thin air, when results don’t show up.

Now you will discover how to drastically change all the things that you’ve been doing wrong and get the results that you should’ve gotten years ago.

Tell me :


Take a look at this image: A recent study from Shape magazine shows 56% of women (and 42% men) are not happy with the way they look and get little or no results with the diet plans they have tried. And the most common reasons are: feeling hungry, diet had no effect, no time to devote to the complex regime, feeling lazy, no motivation and no visible results.

* The TRUTH #2 : There is no such thing as a 10 day miracle diet, shake or wonder pill that will help you get your dream body overnight.

Think about this... if what you've been doing all these years hasn't been getting you the results you want, doing more of that same thing won't get you any further! If doing 4 hours of cardio a week hasn't worked for you, why do you believe that doing 7 hours of cardio will?

Stop fooling yourself with things that won’t work and for once be honest with yourself. Admit that you are overweight and that you can’t shift that weight overnight. Make that big change in your life.

Get real.

Don’t cry over those fab bodies and super sexy abs which seem so unreachable. Face the ugly truth and Stop pretending that “little junk food snack” you ate an hour after the lunch is something that has no calories and that you don’t have to count it as a meal.

Do you know that 95% of people Make These Same Mistakes Over and Over?

“Look at your body now and face all those parts of you that are covered with fat, and know that all that is made of all the bad food you ate. You are responsible for it. And more importantly only you can change that. ONLY YOU. ”

Once you begin using these little secrets and tricks you will
start noticing the results in no time.

I will show you the method on how to drastically change the way you’re thinking about meals, exercise and nutrition and finally transform your body.

You will lose the excess weight that is making you look older. You will feel energized, detoxified and confident. Finally the days of feeling ugly, unsexy and not being able to leave the house are gone. You are going to find the inspiration you need, to get to where you want to be.

Losing weight is not rocket science and you don’t need millions to be able to do it. It’s easy as hell if you remember these - 3 fundamental points to achieve the sexy Hollywood star look:

1. Celebs don’t eat so called “healthy foods” - like whole wheat bread, no sugar cookies, or soy milk –all those things that are labeled as healthy, low fat and sugar free are the things that actually help you get fatter and only have a “healthier name” and no nutritional value. The “stars” know what to eat and which foods REALLY do help them get slim.

2. Working out is like a pleasurable routine for them - The stars never get over trained, they don’t spend 3 hours in the gym doing the same boring exercises and cardio, until they drop dead. And they never quit the gym after a month! The right workout is the key thing here.

3. They don’t use any miracle diet pills, magic shakes , 10 day – lose it all fad diets, abs 2000 machines or belts that will make you thin in 3 minutes. They know those things are useless and a complete waste of money and time.

So if you want to learn what are they doing so differently, and what is THE BEST WAY TO GET YOUR DREAM BODY read below:

Let me introduce you to the Pineapple diet program :

After many years of witnessing so many people fight the losing battle with flabby bodies, being overweight and spending their precious time and hard earned money on stuff that SIMPLY DOESN’T WORK like all the fake fat melting, muscle creating products and ridiculous fad diets… I practically couldn’t stand to see that any more so I made this regime to stop all that scamming.

This diet program is created with 20 years of experience in Hollywood industry, in creating perfect bodies and making all the success stories happen.

What I did was put together all the information I got and worked on for 20 years and created innovative scientifically-based fitness program that finally reveals the truth and principles how actors, models, singers and many other people from the industry slim down easy, lose fat rapidly, stay toned and sexy all the time.

The goal was to help tens of thousands of people around the world to finally conquer their struggle. And the results have proven to be AMAZING!

After using the Pineapple diet many have finally reached their goal weight, got back the long lost confidence and finally found the way to stay slim and sexy for good.

Originally created for Hollywood stars and than tailored
for an average person and everyday lifestyle.

Principles of Pineapple diet are tested, proven and tried by 150.000 of people already, just like you and me.

This is the only diet program you will ever need to achieve the toned, slim body that you strive for and just with a few secrets you will keep it that way for decades!

When you learn this stuff, your mind will be trained as a mind of a fitness professional and you will not have to struggle any more.

Here is what you get inside:

1. The diet program that is very easy to follow

2. Simple recipes for meals tasty and delicious to eat (nobody said that diet food has to be horrible and boring)

3. All that divided into perfect 4-5 daily meals so you will never feel hungry ( I mean really hungry and not eating out of boredom)

4. You will learn about fantastic components of Pineapple that are even going to speed up your weight loss process.

Before we continue to explain more details about the program :

These are some comments that people have sent me so far:

Elena G. 38 / New Jersey

“Hi Steve I have to be honest with you, at first I really thought this was just another diet, I will try and achieve nothing with. I was almost sure about it. But now, after a month or so I can only say OMG! I didn’t lose just 8 pounds I planned, but I lost 11 pounds straight, and what’s best I can even see my abs now! I never knew I had any! I still can’t believe how effective and amazing the Pineapple diet is and I feel kinda special to know something celebs know as well. Thanks for giving me the body I wanted for years! ”

Mary P. 26 / North Carolina

“Dear Steve, I just read your Pineapple diet and I found out some great stuff that I’ve never realized before. I really couldn't stop reading it!! It’s great that you’re not just giving us the final product that’s based on years of research but also in an easy way explaining how and why it all works. I have been working out and dieting for a long time now but I began to feel stuck until I started using your tips and methods which gave me a whole new set of ideas and I found my motivation again.” Thanks Steve!

Denise E. / Canada

“OMG, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with me! Really, I have tried everything in my life to lose weight , diets, personal coaches, products, and I didn’t get any results! I mean I have lost a few pounds here and there but always gained them back fast. I thought I was in a vicious circle and that I will literally never reach my desired weight. But your diet is REAL. It works and it’s healthy, and you lose those extra pounds you have easily and in a healthy period of time. I simply love it, it has changed my life.“

Orson W. / San Jose

I hope someone reads these letters, but if not I have to say what I think about this program anyway. I need to thank you Steve. I was in a terrible state of self loathing and depression last year and I stumbled upon this diet by accident. I've been on your program for a while now and I have to say I've completely changed my life.Anyway, I looked like a donut with no confidence. My body fat dropped by 20 % and now I can clearly see the actual definition of my body. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am that you’ve made this program It has made my life so much better. I’m actually proud of myself now. I have finally achieved something. What I like the most about this is how many people are noticing me, seeing this big change and actually asking ME for fitness advice. It’s not just my body that’s changed. It’s my mind as well. I finally feel in sync with my body and I know that now I’m not going back.

Sarah Harper / London, UK

“Steve thank you,
I like that you go straight to the point and have a no bullshit attitude and that you understand people who have this problem. I've tried so many diets, and never knew what was going on…and I seemed to even be gaining weight again and again.
This regime is not like that, it works and whooa…now all those actresses can watch out since I look better than them! “

Here are some unique things and benefits that we get
from super food Pineapple and Pineapple diet :

Why did I choose Pineapple? Because it’s a super food, that in many ways helps you get a better figure, contains tons of healthy enzymes and vitamins that are essential for your body and its great taste is a treat so that you don’t deprive yourself of something sweet when you’re dieting! Here are some key benefits:

- Weight loss

- Better digestion

- Increased Energy

- Enhanced ability to bear sweet cravings

- Abundance of fiber that cures constipation and water retention

- Bromelain - the key ingredient of pineapple is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient and it helps the battle with cellulite as well. Researchers have found that Bromelain "eats up" or absorbs fat at an amazing rate.Most people who add Bromelain to their diets can visually see results in the first week.

- Detoxification Benefits

- Vitamin C - An average pineapple has a whooping 169 mg of the vitamin which is as much as 282% of your daily needs.

- Low calorie food

- Improves your skin elasticity & enhances blood circulation in narrowed arteries, which improves your body metabolism.

These are just some of the benefits that you will get from Pineapple diet. And if you are crazy of constantly running in circles and using things that don’t ever give any results, if you’re sick and tired of exercising like mad and starving yourself only to see the scale stop dead in its tracks, or even spin in the WRONG direction… Then read on to find out about the secrets of Pineapple diet that will change your life for ever!

* The TRUTH #3 : In spite of what many people think the actual truth is that more than 80 % of your weight loss success is supported by your diet and a mere 20 % by the exercise you do.

Here are some more tricks and methods that you will discover in Pineapple diet:

1. Discover why your cardio routine is actually totally wrong …and how to make it super effective and lose even the core fat that is so hard to shed.

2. Learn how to make your body THINK you’re not hungry while dieting so it wont do the usual which is fight back with lowering your metabolic rate and slowing down the weight loss process.

3. Find out how it’s possible to eat an amazing array of food guilt free while actually BURNING FAT.

4. 30 exciting and simple meal plans, designed by a certified nutrition specialist to inspire you and give you a ton of cool ideas for daily meals which are balanced and healthy. You also get loads of snack ideas that will stop you from craving junk foods. Do we have them?

5. Discover a trick that will stop you from gaining all the weight back as soon as you stop with the plan. Make the "yo-yo effect" the thing of the past.

6. Finally learn what are the exercises that you SHOULD be doing and how to properly do them so you get amazing results.

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( the price of the book is 47$ )

Important: The Pineapple diet manual is NOT available in stores.
You can only access this program exclusively through this website.

The very useful advice and tricks from Pineapple diet

The Pineapple diet book is divided into a few practical sections which deal with different stuff you are going to stumble upon on your journey of becoming slim.

Tips and tricks to know before you start

In this part of the book you get some very crafty and handy advice on how to prepare yourself for the dieting and how to help yourself in advance just by following a few steps.

The Diet program

You will get this unique eating plan sorted by days and weeks, so it is extremely easy to follow and stick with. The food is very tasty and there are even some tips on how to cook so you will even learn some cool new things.


You will also receive a nutrition plan where you can find out exactly what you need to eat and how healthy the food is. One of the cool things is that the food groups are colour coded so you can easily know what to eat and what to avoid. The foods marked with green are good for you to eat, yellow colored group is okay but only in moderation, and red group is something you should never eat.


You will get proven advice on what exercises to do, when and for what purpose. Since you should carefully choose which workout is best for you according to the problem you have (losing fat, building muscles or shaping your body) you will get the chance to pick which one is exactly right for you individually.

TIPS: Achieve desired results and stay motivated

Tricks dealing with important factors like motivation, staying focused, and achieving your dream body.


Another important thing you will get are the tips on how to stay fit and fabulous. Just with a few steps you will learn how to stay sexy and fit for good.


Learn all those essential tips that movie stars use before some premiere or a special event when they haven’t got enough time to get totally in shape. You will learn what to do and how to look “red carpet ready” for your hot date in no time.

BONUS: BMR & RMR Calculator

Two very handy applications that can help you measure your BMR - Basic metabolic rate and RMR - recomended metabolic rate. This will be a great aid in measuring and achieving your goals.

BONUS: 30 super food recipes

30 easy to make and healthy super food recipes that are proven to get you toned and slim.

BONUS: Visual Diet

How to look slimmer just by dressing yourself right. Get the instant results by choosing the perfect clothes for your body.

Guys, if there's only one book you should read for the rest of your life, this is the one!

See what are people around the world saying about the Pineapple diet and why
is everybody so hyped about it!

Angela / 53 and still rockin’ / Louisiana

I thought that I was too old for this thing, but you have surprised me! I’m going to be 53 years this year and while not ashamed about saying how old I am, I was actually more worried about saying how much I weighed. I strongly believed that I was too old to lose all the “extras” I had. And I have to say I gave up, and even got more fat and stubborn every year. At one point my good friend recommended your diet, saying it is the one and only to try and that there’s no way not to succeed. Probably I would never believe her, but since I could see with my own eyes that she was slimmer than ever in her life (we were friends for ages) I agreed to try. Now I weigh the same as I did in my 30s. And the best thing is people actually think I’m 12 years younger! So with your amazing Pineapple diet I got 2 things, sexy body and younger looking face! Thanks Steve you are my God!

A. Klein / Charleston SC

“Hey there Steve, You know what? I can’t believe that FINALLY I have found something that works!! There are so many stupid and fake diets, programs and products and I’m so sick of all that. I tried so many of them and the only thing I lost was confidence and belief! But this amazing Pineapple program actually works for real! In the first week, when I was still skeptical I actually went down a size!! And then continued with as much as 11 pounds in next few weeks. I’m not planning to stop until I reach the ‘magical number’ of 120 (pounds).Girls watch out!! Thanks soooo much Steve and can’t wait to let you know about my new achievements! You are the best ever! ”

H. Butler / La Mesa / CA

“Hi Steve, I was looking for a program that would help me lose the stubborn fat of my body, especially from my stomach. I also wanted to get abs girls are crazy about, you know like those guys from the cover of Men’s Health. One thing that made me buy your diet was your “no bullshit approach” and that you offered me a 60 days money back guarantee. So I said to myself it’s a fair deal and that guy must be selling something good since you’re ready to give money back if it’s not working. Anyway I bought it to try it, and my instinct was right it’s a damn good program. For me as a guy it helped a lot to shred all the extra kilos and fat off my belly that I’ve been fighting with for years now. And the exercise advice you gave me helped me focus on the RIGHT exercises and not just weight lifting, so now I can see the muscle definition I never had before. I think I got more then I was expecting for the little amount of money I gave. This is awesome, thanks dude! “

Thomas Fuller / USA

“Hi there, I’ve been on your program for 6 weeks now and I want to thank you so much for all the advice you shared in this book. You gave me such a boost. In my opinion the price you are selling this book for is very cheap comparing to the benefit you get from it and the way you actually look after just few weeks. Now I know it’s no wonder that stars, actors and other sexy celebs are looking that good. It’s just that they know what to do and how to do it and then it actually becomes very easy to achieve your goals! See you soon, I will send you my before/after photos as soon as I reach my last milestone and it’s just few a pounds away! THANK YOU!! ”

Kelly Faye / 23 / Australia

“Hi Steve, My name is Kelly and I live in Australia. You know beach, ocean and sexy surfers all around. I believe anyone would envy me for that, but I’m the unlucky one being too obese to enjoy the beach and getting the tan. Since I’m living practically on the beach my life was a worst nightmare every time I stepped with my foot on the sand and had to bear the fact I look like a stranded whale in a bikini. And what’s worst, I had to look at all those sexy dudes and surfer chicks almost every day since I was a little girl. And all I ever wanted is to be like them. And now 6 months after, this is all in the past for me since the Pineapple diet has helped me lose the ugly fat and go from 242 pounds to amazing 187 pounds! And I feel the best ever in my life! I have something like 40 pounds more to go, but nothing can stop me now! I’ll be the surfer chick from my dreams in no time! I love you man!

Trish C. / London, UK

“It's been just a few weeks since I started your diet plan and I already feel the changes. I feel more toned, my face somehow looks younger ( I guess it's cos of the weight loss) and I'm so much happier. Before this nothing has worked and I mean nothing. Now I actually feel my energy levels soaring and it doesn't seem like I have the flu all the time. I actually bought the diet just for the nutrition programme you have given us but the exercising is a revelation for me. I used to never go to the gym because I felt lost (and I didn't like asking the trainers cos I felt stupid). Well now I don't have to anymore. You have explained every why and how about the workouts so simply. Thank you Steve, you have truly changed my life. P.S. Now I only have to get my boyfriend on it. Wish me luck.”

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( the price of the book is 47$ )

Best thing about this diet is that it is available in minutes!
And the cost is only 47$ for a short while only!

Think about it.
For that amount of money you can probably get a night out in the cinema and two cokes, 1 shoe, perhaps 8 packs of cigarettes or another dress you will never wear.
Or you can get the Pineapple Diet and change your life completely. So it’s a trade off between spending that amount of money on lots of expendable cheap stuff or doing an amazing thing for yourself.

Get this book and discover the proven solutions that will last you forever.
It sounds like a reasonable option, doesn’t it?

This material is exclusive content and you won’t find any of this advice in magazines and on the Internet for free.

As you have read in some testimonials above, I give a 60 days guarantee that you will lose a significant amount of fat and weight, and I’m even ready to give you your money 100% back if there are no results in that time.

And I won’t lie to you, like many others do. I can’t guarantee that you will lose ALL YOUR FAT in 60 days, since that depends of how overweight you are at the moment or how much you have to lose. So if you have a large amount of fat to lose, it may take some more time.

Let’s make this simple: Be advised! This manual is not something that doesn’t require effort. If you believe that you belong to that group of folks that is not able to invest 8 weeks to a program that will immensely improve their health, physical appearance and self-confidence and change your LIFE for the better then please do not purchase this manual. Or any other of that matter. *

However, I can promise you that if you apply this program exactly as it’s written, without any adjustments or cheating you will definitely lose amazing amounts of fat and get closer to a sexy and lean look that you want in mere two months.

Okay, so I want you to get rid of all your indecisiveness and suspicions. The fact of the matter is (and you already KNOW this) that you will NOT lose the weight and make your body better and sexier if you don’t decide to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. NOW ! If not you can always just keep on complaining about the flabby thighs and double chin like you’ve already done for years.

There are no more reasons for you to keep procrastinating and coming up with sad excuses like the good old ‘I’m starting with my diet tomorrow’. Sounds familiar? The time has come to start working out and eating right.

You have the same tools stars use to get and amazing looking body! So what are you waiting for!?

As you can see, this map displays all of the readers of the The Pineapple Diet program across the world. All total, I've had over 150,000 users in 130 countries to date. And the numbers are getting bigger. It is amazing how a good program spreads like wildfire among people, who want to look good and need a good program to help them do it.

This is the sweetest deal you will find out there and it’s a SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER :

So if you decide to do something about your body today order this book and you'll also receive these 3 additional free bonuses (valued at $198.50):

Special Limited-Time Bonuses (Take Action Today to Receive Them)

Bonus #1 : Get ready for a special event - fast. This amazing additional product gives you an ultimate tool to get ready for a hot date, wedding or any other event that you have just a few days to get ready for. It is packed with tricks and tools to get you to slim down even faster, get a toned look and get rid off all that bulking up water weight. As a result of using this guide you will end up looking smoking hot for that special occasion. And an additional perk: It’s absolutely free if you get the whole Pineapple Diet package right now.

Bonus #2 : When you buy Pineapple diet you also get for free a very practical and useful animated BMI (Body Mass Index) and RMR (Recommended Metabolic Rate) calculators, which help you calculate what is your ideal weight and recommended amount of calories you should eat to get slim or stay slim. These are both fabulous tools that will help you immensely in your battle with the weight as they will do all the necessary calculations instead of you.

Bonus #3 : I’ve also created 30 easy to make and healthy super food recipes that are proven to get you toned and slim . This ultimate eating plan will spice up your diet and you can even make these recipes for anybody else since they taste absolutely amazing.

Bonus #4 : My good friend Tracy - a Hollywood stylist, agreed to share something very special with all the people who buy the Pineapple diet program. A VISUAL DIET - a bonus product full of amazing advice on how to dress yourself right to look slimmer and sexier, and also reveal to you the fashion principles Hollywood stars go by and use on daily basis. Do you think they were born that stylish and well dressed? Well think again ! It is all revealed to you in this Special One time offer !

By now you’re probably thinking that you’d like to have all this but wondering how much can it possibly cost you. Well not that much actually when you consider HOW MUCH you are getting for your money.

The cost of the WHOLE package which includes the The Pineapple Diet e-book and all the bonuses is valued at almost $300.

But I thought that I should make this fabulous product that I made with such a care over the years be affordable for more people. This is an investment to your future as a healthy person that has a smokin’ hot body.

That is why I’m prepared to offer this whole Pineapple Diet e-book included with amazing bonuses valued at $292.76 for as little as $47.95 total.

This is a mere 0.85 cents that you’re investing in yourself, in your body and your future per day during the course of 8 weeks.

It’s nothing folks, really.

So click here if you want to get this programme for this bargain price right now !

Pineapple diet is an e book in PDF format and you can download it from any country at any time! It requires only Adobe Reader to open. You will get the download link in your email and you can start reading it right away!

Plus you get the bonus parts for FREE !

You can choose to read the program on your computer, your iPhone or tablet or even print it out to read and highlight if that’s what you like the most .

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( the price of the book is 47$ )

Best thing about this diet is that it is available in minutes!
And the cost is only 47$ for a short while only!

If you’re having problems finding the answer that you’re looking for get typing and send me and my team an email on thepineapplediet@gmail.com and we’ll make sure we answer your question asap.

Okay, now that you have the same tools Hollywood stars use, the incredible and secret Hollywood Pineapple diet, what are you waiting for?
Go and get that new body you deserve to have!

Remember…this body is the ONLY ONE we have it’s about time to start treating it with respect!

Steve Patterson

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